Financial Management Workshop - targeting new and aspiring principals as well as those wanting to refresh their knowledge of financial management - this workshop is for you!

The workshop is designed for school leaders and covers planning, developing and monitoring efficient and effective use of school resources:


  • Budget - planning and revision
  • Monthly and Annual Reports - how to read and understand
  • Banking Staffing - monitoring and tracking with your budget.
  • Legal requirements - Ministry of Education and Auditors
  • Governance and management roles - relating to financial management



Board of Trustee Financial Management Workshops

The course is customised to your school and covers the repsonsibilities of financial management and responsibilities of the Board members.

The key components include:

  • Legal requirements and the role of the Ministry of Education and the Office of the Auditor General in school financial matters.
  • Governance and Management relating to financial management
  • Policies, procedures and systems for review.
  • Budget planning, ratification and revision
  • Monthly and Annual reports on how to read and understand them.   

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