Financial Advisory Service

Financial Advisory and Consulting Service

Providing leading edge expertise in financial management, we offer an advisory and mentoring program that is designed to work alongside principal, board of trustees and/or administrative staff to develop the capacity within your organisation to manage the day to day finances and maintain a focus on the link between the annual plan and resources to ensure goals are met within budget.


  • Analytical reviews of the financial position of the school - particularly suited for aspiring principals and principals who are apply for new positions.


  • Individual and senior management team training in financial management - held at your school with your reports


  • Annual budget planning and reviewing through the year - individual school training.


  • Banking Staffing - individual school visits to teach how to monitor with teacher allocation and the school annual budget.


  • Development of administration and financial procedures manuals alongside your office staff and senior management team.  Option to include the development of job descriptions to match these procedures.


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